Land Use

We help clients create a better future for the lands they own or depend upon.

Natural resources are regulated by a multitude of federal, state, local, and common laws. Fragmented management contributes to shortages and conflicts. A systematic approach tends to be far more effective and durable management of lands and associated water resources. We have a track record of developing and implementing:

  • Comprehensive settlements between developers and stakeholders regarding developmental uses;
  • Habitat Conservation Plans under the Endangered Species Act and other integrated resource management plans under other laws;
  • Conservation commitments in real estate agreements.

Land Restoration and Brownfield Remediation

Polluted urban brownfields not only present a risk to groundwater quality and groundwater supplies, they can also lead to the conversion of open space and farmland for residential and commercial development due to investor and lender environmental liability concerns regarding brownfields. WPLG represents owners of brownfields in the remediation and restoration of polluted properties through the preparation and implementation of agency-approved cleanup plans, negotiations with prospective purchasers of such properties, and the procurement of environmental insurance policies to manage liabilities going forward.