Electrical Power

Water and Power Law PC counsels stakeholders and licensees for non-federal and federal hydropower projects throughout the U.S.

Hydropower is nearly 75% of our nation’s renewable power supply.  It affects habitat for anadromous and riverine fishes, water quality, and recreation.  In licensing proceedings, we will:

  • Undertake to assure use of best available science to evaluate environmental impacts and alternatives which may enhance benefits.  In our experience, the factual record drives these decisions.
  • Structure negotiations between the applicant and stakeholders to resolve all disputes related to the project.
  • Participate in any evidentiary trials and related advocacy, including judicial review.

The Federal Power Act and other applicable laws establish the general goal that licenses will result in economical power generation and protect environmental quality.  Since 1991, we have reached more than 50 settlements to achieve this goal at power projects affecting more than 2,000 river miles throughout the U.S.