What We Do

Our nation faces significant water shortages. These trends will only become more acute in the face of population growth and climate change. We specialize in innovative and lasting solutions.

We represent governmental entities across the United States, including Native American tribes, state agencies, counties and cities, and local conservation and water districts.  We represent conservation and fishery organizations and renewable power developers with strong environmental values. We represent agricultural land trusts and other farmers dedicated to land and water conservation and adequate instream flow for fisheries.  We formed the Water and Power Law Group PC in 2011, continuing a practice that the firm’s shareholders had started in 1991 at the Natural Heritage Institute.

We specialize in complex problems where science is ambiguous, key stakeholders are deadlocked, and applicable laws by themselves may not lead to the optimal results.  We help clients find the critical path through such inertia.  We use dispute resolution, litigation, transactional negotiation and strategic counseling to achieve effective outcomes that last.