WPLG Attorneys Preparing SGMA Guidebook About Groundwater Pumping Impacts on Fisheries

In collaboration with the Center on Urban Environmental Law (CUEL) at Golden Gate University School of Law, WPLG is preparing a guidebook titled Rivers that Depend on Aquifers: Drafting SGMA Groundwater Plans with Fisheries in Mind. The lead author of this publication is WPLG attorney Paul Stanton Kibel, who is also CUEL's Director. This guidebook, to be published in 2018, will examine how groundwater plans being developed under California's Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) can effectively address the impacts of groundwater pumping on surface waters and fisheries dependent on surface waters. The topic of interconnected groundwater-surface waters and fisheries will also will also be explored in the SGMA panel at the upcoming January 20, 2018 California Water Law Symposium at UC Berkeley Law School.